April 11, 2016

Program Notes
  • Segment 1:

    A Call to Demilitarize US-Middle East Policy

    We begin with an overview of America’s long and losing wars in the Middle East that are still ongoing, now well into their fourth decade, and speak with Andrew Bacevich, a retired U.S. Army Colonel and professor of history and international relations at Boston University who previously taught at West Point. He joins us to discuss how, from the end of World War 11 until 1980, virtually no American soldiers were killed in action while serving in the Middle East, whereas, since 1990 virtually no American soldiers have been killed in action anywhere else. And since we are still bogged down in wars that not only have we not won, and are not winning, now in this presidential election, candidates are calling on us to double down and try harder in a call to arms which is highly unlikely to produce a different outcome.

  • Segment 2:

    Is Ted Cruz a Stalking Horse for Paul Ryan?

    Then we speak with Matt Angle who directs the Texas Democratic Trust and the Lone Star Project, a Political Action Committee that aims to be an aggressive ‘fact-checker” on the Republican Party. He joins us to discuss the GOP establishment’s desperate embrace on the highly polarizing and extraordinarily untested and inexperienced candidate Ted Cruz, who, after getting elected as the junior senator from Texas based on a few people as possible turning out to vote, is now being backed by the Republican Party and its big donors, not because he is the preferred candidate but because he is not Donald Trump.  And since a brokered Republican convention is becoming more and more likely, we will look into the possibility that Cruz might turn out to be a stalking horse for the more electable Paul Ryan.