July 20, 2016

Program Notes
  • Segment 1:

    Erdogan Purges With a Vengeance

    We begin with the aftermath of the failed military coup in Turkey and speak with a specialist on Turkey who was there during the coup attempt. Henri Barkey, the Director of the Middle East Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars who served as a member of the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff, joins us to discuss the wholesale purges underway in Turkey by President Erdogan who has seized on the failed coup to accelerate his own power grab that was underway and now knows no bounds as one third of the military is jailed or sacked, most of the judiciary has been eviscerated and both public and private schools and universities are seeing their teachers and professors banned along with 1500 deans forced to resign from their university posts.

  • Segment 2:

    New Jersey Takes a Backseat to Chris Christie's Blind Ambition

    Then we look into Governor Chris Christie’s fiery speech at the Republican convention and his unseemly courtship of Donald Trump that recently saw him jilted as the most ardent suitor for the Vice President’s job and now has him looking for another top job in a Trump Administration all the while abandoning his current job in New Jersey as the state’s roads grind to a halt following Governor Christie’s order to stop all work on more than $3 billion worth of road and bridge repair projects. Robert Hennelly, a contributing writer for Salon and a political analyst for WBGO, an NPR affiliate in Newark, New Jersey, joins us from the RNC in Cleveland to discuss how New Jersey is taking a backseat to Christie’s blind ambition.

  • Segment 3:

    The Vulnerability of 131 American B61 Nuclear Bombs in Turkey and Europe

    Then finally we examine the security, or lack thereof, of nuclear weapons in Europe, and especially in Turkey where about 50 nuclear bombs stored at the Incirlik NATO airbase 70 miles from the border with Syria were in limbo when the Turkish commander of the base where the nukes are kept was arrested after the coup when power to the base was cut. Lydia Dennett, an investigator at POGO, the Project on Government Oversight who works on the safety and security of nuclear weapons and power facilities, joins us to discuss the vulnerability of 131 American B61 nuclear bombs currently deployed at NATO military bases in Belgium, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.