Elaine Pagels – SCOTUS Un-Separates Church and State



On June 28 Ian spoke with  Elaine Pagels, a Professor of Religion at Princeton University and the author of “Revelations: Vision, Prophecy, and Politics in the Book of Revelation”, joins us to discuss how churches are now eligible for public funds. We will assess the warning issued in an impassioned dissent from the bench by Justice Sotomayor that the decision “discounts centuries of history and jeopardizes the government’s ability to remain secular” and how right wing “Christian” fundamentalists cheering the ruling like Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Vice President Pence could use the decision to drive their agenda of promoting religious schools and voucher programs to the extent that, quoting Justice Sotomayor, “leads us to a place where separation of church and state is a constitutional slogan, not a constitutional commitment”.

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