James Henry – Evidence of Trump’s Criminal Russian Ties


James HenryJames Henry was a leading researcher and chronicler of Donald Trump’s business activities long before he became president. On May 4th he joined Ian to discuss Republican senators’ attempts to make the case that there is no evidence of connection or collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians, even though before the House Intelligence Committee Comey and the head of the NSA are giving secret testimony about the further extent of proven Russian interference in our election directed by Putin to help elect Trump.

James Henry, is an investigative economist and lawyer who is a Global Justice Fellow at Yale and co-founder with David Cay Johnston of DCReport.org, joins us to discuss how the opposite is true to what Senator Grassley tried to dismiss as the disproven Steele dossier. In fact the Steele dossier continues to be proven factual by press investigations and presumably inside the intelligence agencies there is even more supporting evidence that has yet to come out.  We will also look into a just-released Dutch investigative documentary that reveals connections between Giuliani, kleptocrats from the former Soviet Union, and Trump.

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Watch the Dutch Documentary “The Dubious Friends of Donald Trump: The Russians”