Jeffrey Winters – USA, Democracy or Plutocracy?



On July 4 Ian spoke with Jeffrey Winters, a Professor of Political Science at Northwestern University where he specializes on oligarchs and elites spanning a range of historical and contemporary cases from ancient Athens and Rome to Indonesia, Russia and the United States. He is the author of “Oligarchy” and they discussed how the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision has turned our political system into a money competition in which the race goes to the richest donor who can buy the most politicians, which is exactly what the Koch brothers and their network have done. They celebrated the 4th of July with the question of how much of a democracy the United States still is and to what extent it has become a plutocracy, given that just two plutocrats, the Koch brothers, have essentially bought the U.S. Congress along with the Presidency which are both enacting the Koch’s agenda at the expense of the American people.

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