Stephen Kinzer – Saudi Arabia is Destabilizing the World



On June 18 Ian spoke with  Stephen Kinzer, an award-winning foreign correspondent with The New York Times who is now a visiting fellow at the Watson Institute at Brown University where he teaches international relations. They looked into Saudi Arabia’s petro-dollar-financed spread of their austere, reactionary and anti-Western state religion Wahhabism which they have exported around the world that has already destabilized Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bosnia and has now taken hold in the world’s largest Muslim country, Indonesia. You can read Kinzer’s article at the Boston Globe, “Saudi Arabia is Destabilizing the World” which looks at why the U.S. continues its willful blindness towards the damage done by Saudi Arabia’s long campaign to drag the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims back to the 7th century while inspiring murder and mayhem from 9/11 to Nice, from Mumbia to Manchester.

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