We begin with the fraud-ridden and rigged referendum in Turkey that the Europeans and half of the Turkish population are disputing, but nevertheless, the President of the United States gave it his blessing and called Turkey’s new dictator Erdogan to congratulate him on his “victory”. Turkish-born Asli Bali, the Director of the Center for Near Eastern Studies and a professor of law at the UCLA School of Law, joins us. We will discuss the possibility that Trump is either acting out of ignorance, amateurism or cynicism in undercutting the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the Council of Europe who have disputed the vote and complained about the un-level playing field, and the educated and urban half of Turkey who are now under the thumb of a repressive and illegitimate regime bent on further eroding their democratic rights, the freedom of the press and Turkey’s secular traditions.

Then on this last day to file income tax returns, we will look into Donald Trump’s continuing refusal to release his taxes as he and House Speaker Paul Ryan prepares a “tax reform” package that will benefit billionaires, hurt the poor, con the middle class and blow up the deficit. Edward Kleinbard, a Professor of Law at the University of Southern California who served as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation, joins us to discuss the Democrat’s demand that Trump reveal his taxes before the tax code is overhauled with changes that will further enrich Trump and his family.

Then we will get an update on the special election in Georgia where the Democrats are pinning their hopes on an upset victory in a Republican district which could be seen as an early rejection of the Trump administration before its first one hundred days. Andra Gillespie, a professor of Political Science at Emory University who worked as an analyst for Democratic pollster Mark Mellman, joins us to discuss the results that require 50% plus one vote for an outright win by Jon Ossoff the Democratic challenger, otherwise there will be a June 20 runoff that could favor the Republicans.

Background Briefing

Trump Praises a Dictator on Stealing an Election

Show Us Your Taxes Before So-Called "Tax Reform"

Results in Georgia's Special Election


We will begin with a way to address the main concern many Americans have over Donald Trump’s fitness to be Commander-in-Chief which has to do with his temperament as Hillary Clinton noted often and turned into a campaign theme; that we don’t want someone with such a thin skin close to the nuclear button. Joseph Cirincione, the president of the Ploughshares Fund and author of “Bomb Scare: The History and Future of Nuclear Weapons”, joins us to discuss his article at The Huffington Post” “Keep Donald Trump’s Finger off the Nuclear Button” and steps that President Obama can take such as, with a stroke of a pen, taking America’s nuclear missiles off high alert so that Donald Trump could not launch them rashly.


Then we will speak with James Henry, one of the world’s leading investigative economists who has written widely about offshore and onshore tax havens, kleptocracy, and private banking. He is a Senior Fellow at Columbia University’s Center on Sustainable Investment, a Global Justice Fellow at Yale, a Senior Advisor to The Tax Justice Network and the author of “The Blood Bankers”. He joins us to discuss his latest report at The American Interest “The Curious World of Donald Trump’s Private Russian Connections” and how, after Trump was blackballed by American banks following his many bankruptcies, he turned to financing from Russian oligarchs and gangsters, many of whom ended up residing in Trump Tower.


Then finally we will examine how much Donald Trump and his children are pushing the ethical envelope in terms of trading access for money and whether we are heading into a pay-to-play presidency with Trump’s children, who will be running Trump’s business enterprises, trading access for donations to their favorite charities or other entities as they have already tried to do. Sheila Krumholz, the Executive Director of the Center for Responsive Politics, who tracks money, politics and influence in Washington, joins us to discuss how much this new president who plays by his own rules, will follow the existing rules that govern money influencing politics. 

Background Briefing

Keeping Donald Trump's Finger Off the Nuclear Button

Trump's Financial Ties to Russian Oligarchs and Gangsters

How Much are Trump and His Children Pushing the Ethical Envelope?


We will begin with the New York State Attorney General issuing a notice of violation to the Donald J. Trump Foundation for soliciting charitable donations when the foundation is not registered to do so under state law.Tiziana Dearing, a professor of social work at Boston College and the former head of Catholic Charities for the Archdiocese of Boston, joins us to discuss the extraordinary hubris Trump displays in self-dealing by soliciting charitable donations to his Trump Foundation then, either spending it on himself, or making grandiose displays of phony charity by donating other people’s money in his name. We will also try to understand why average middle class and working Americans who pay their taxes could support someone who boasts that they are smart for not paying taxes, which leaves the inescapable implication that Trump sees his supporters who pay taxes as being stupid.


Then we will examine the unsettling rejection of the peace deal between the Colombian government and the Farc guerrillas to end the 52 year-long civil war that has cost 260,000 lives. Michael Shifter, the vice president for policy and Director of the Andean Program at the Inter-American Dialogue joins us to discuss this surprise upset vote of 50.2% to 49.8% of Colombians rejecting the initiative by President Santos while siding with former President Uribe who campaigned against the deal. Due to the low voter turnout of 37%, we will assess whether Colombia is having a “Brexit” moment in which politicians misjudged the popular anger towards the widely-hated Farc.


Then finally, with today’s announcement that the State Department is cutting off cooperation with Russia on Syria and Putin’s cancellation of the joint U.S. and Russian program to dispose of nuclear weapons-grade plutonium, we will speak with Nicholas Heras, a Middle East expert at the Center for a New American Security. He joins us to discuss how the Russians have been stringing the Americans along in Syria while they change facts on the ground in favor of the Assad regime, and the likelihood of another exodus of refugees as the Assad, Russian and Iranian coalition make further territorial gains while committing more barbaric atrocities and war crimes.

Background Briefing

Trump's Self-Dealing Philanthropy

Colombia's "Brexit" Moment

Russia Changes Facts on the Ground While Stringing the US Along in Syria


We will begin with the bombshell New York Times report that Donald Trump appears to have avoided paying federal income taxes for 18 years after losing $916 million in 1995. David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist who has been called “the de-facto tax enforcement officer of the United States” and is the author of the New York Times bestseller “The Making of Donald Trump”, joins us to discuss the tax documents that were mailed anonymously to Susanne Craig at The New York Times and verified by Trump’s accountant at the time, Jack Mitnick.  We will assess the responses by Trump’s surrogates Governor Christie and Mayor Guiliani who both claim Trump is a “genius” for not paying taxes, while Trump’s accountant, Mitnick, went on the record to acknowledge that Donald Trump has built enormous personal wealth to live a luxurious lifestyle without paying taxes like everyone else.  


Then we will look into today’s referendum in Hungary that is designed by the ruling right wing Prime Minister Orban to stir up xenophobia and neo-fascist vigilantism against refugees in Europe who Orban equates with terrorists out to dilute European Christian culture. Peter Kreko, a visiting scholar at the Center for Global and International Studies at Indiana University and the Director of the Political Capital Institute in Budapest, Hungary, joins us to discuss Putin’s role in financing a right wing counterrevolution against Western European democratic values and federalism and how his intervention in Syria is contributing to the refugee crisis that is creating social divisions in Europe and inflaming a racist, nativist backlash.  


Then finally we will examine the hacked audio from a fundraiser at which Hillary Clinton broke with the Obama Administration’s trillion dollar nuclear modernization plan and said she would kill one of the Pentagon’s pet projects, the nuclear-tipped cruise missile which she described as “the last thing we need”. Joseph Cirincione, the President of the Plowshares Fund and author of “Bomb Scare: The History and Future of Nuclear Weapons” joins us to discuss how the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction towards more emphasis on nuclear weapons and away from efforts to ease the U.S. and Russia’s reliance on a hair trigger nuclear posture that only gives the president five minutes to decide whether or not to retaliate in the face of nuclear annihilation. 

Background Briefing

Revelations That Trump Paid No Taxes for 18 Years

Hungary's Referendum Inflames a Racist Backlash to Immigration

Clinton's Break With Obama on Nuclear "Modernization"


We begin with the criminal complaint filed in federal court on Tuesday in which the alleged New Jersey bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami was charged with the use of weapons of mass destruction and according to his blood-spattered bullet-holed journal, was inspired by “Brother Osama Bin Laden” and the American jihadist Anwar al-Awlaki who was killed by a drone strike in Yemen. David Schanzer, Professor of the Practice and Director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security at the School of Public Policy at Duke University joins us to address criticism leveled at the FBI following the shootout and capture of the bombing suspect in New Jersey whose father was concerned his son was a terrorist which, like the earlier case involving the father of the Orlando shooter, prompted the FBI to investigate these potential terrorists before closing the cases for lack of evidence. We also analyze Donald Trump’s bombastic anti-terrorism proposals that will make it all but impossible to identify and interdict home-grown terrorists such as Rahami, Orlando’s Mateen, the San Bernardino terrorists and the Boston bombers.

Then we examine calls by Donald Trump to deny Ahmad Khan Rahami medical treatment and legal representation and a request from Senator Lindsay Graham to the Obama Administration to deny the alleged terrorist due process under the law and have him labeled as an “enemy combatant”. Stephen Vladeck, a professor of law at the University of Texas School of Law, a Supreme Court analyst for CNN, and the co-editor-in-chief of the “Just Security” blog, joins us to discuss the hysteria over domestic terrorism that Trump is generating in this election and the danger of changing the law to go after the “not yet guilty”, which would as Ben Franklin warned the likes of Donald Trump, that “he who would trade liberty for temporary security, deserves neither.”

Then finally we look into today’s impeachment hearing in the House, called to placate the Tea Party Freedom Caucus who are using the threat of impeaching the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen to block any effort to reform IRS rules that allow unlimited and unattributed “dark money” into our elections under the loophole of a 501C-4 “social welfare” tax exemption. Emily Peterson Cassin, Project Coordinator of the Bright Lines Project at Public Citizen joins us to describe today’s hearing at which Democrats turned the tables on the Republicans and used the hearing to get the head of the IRS to debunk Donald Trump’s excuse for not releasing his tax returns to the public.

Background Briefing

Criticism of the FBI Following the Latest Terrorist Incident

Changing the Law to Go After "The Not Yet Guilty"

A Hearing to Impeach the IRS Commissioner Backfires on the Tea Party Republicans


We begin with the complete capture of the Republican Party by the far right with Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon, Roger Ailes and Laura Ingraham now apparently running Trump’s campaign and speak with Will Saletan, the national correspondent for Slate who months ago likened Donald Trump to the GOP’s warlord who has taken over the Republican Party as if it were a failed state. He joins us to discuss the cowardice of the Republican establishment in not taking a moral stand against the alt-right’s racist appeals and hate speech and the growing evidence of unprecedented intrusion by Trump’s backer in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin into our election. We will look into the possibly of more to come in terms of foreign meddling in the November election, and how much the tables have turned on us, given the CIA’s long history of meddling in elections in the Third World, Japan and Europe.

Then, with the European Commission charging Apple with owing $14.5 billion in taxes it has not paid in Europe owing to a sweetheart deal it has with the government of Ireland, we speak with James Henry a Global Justice Fellow at Yale University and a Senior Advisor to the Tax Justice Network. We will discuss the peculiar response in criticizing the move by the E.U. from the U.S. Treasury that does not seem to be concerned that Apple is dodging U.S. taxes by its fictional operation in Ireland and how the battle between multi-national corporations and states is shaping up with Google, Facebook and Microsoft the likely next targets for parking their profits in Ireland.

The finally we try to get some clarity on why the U.S’s most effective proxy in its fight against the Islamic State, the Syrian Kurds, are under military attack from America’s NATO ally Turkey following a recent meeting between Vice President Biden and Turkey’s President Erdogan at which Biden clearly got played. A former foreign policy expert and senior advisor to the State Department under presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, David Phillips, the Director or the Peace-Building and Rights Program at the Institute for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University, joins us to discuss Turkey’s intelligence service the MIT’s continuing secret arrangements with the Islamic State who are working with the Turks in their fights against America’s most effective allies in the region, the YPG Peoples Protection Forces of the Syrian Kurds.

Background Briefing

Trump Takes Over the GOP Like a Warlord in a Failed State

Apple's Irish Tax Dodge

Turkey in a Secret Alliance With ISIS While It Attacks a US Ally, The Syrian Kurds


We begin and go to Moscow and speak with a leading defense analyst Dr. Pavel Felgenhauer who is on the staff of Novaya Gazeta, one of the few newspapers and media outlets not controlled by the Kremlin. He joins us to discuss the growing military confrontation between Ukraine and Russia over alleged Ukrainian incursions into Crimea that appear to be pretexts for a massive military build-up that could be aimed at Putin’s broader objective to bring Ukraine to heel while taking Odessa and opening up a corridor to Transnistria in Moldova. With Putin considering Obama a weak lame duck president who is on vacation, while his likely successor Hillary Clinton is much more hawkish, Felgenhauer argues that the time is ripe and there is a 50/50 chance that Putin will launch an overwhelming bold attack to bring Ukraine back into the fraternal Russian embrace which apparently Putin feels is the wish of the Ukrainian people who have been manipulated by mendacious Americans and poisoned by fascist nationalists.

Then we speak with the Pulitzer Prize- winning investigative journalist and author David Cay Johnston about his latest book, a New York Times bestseller, “The Making of Donald Trump”. An expert who has uncovered so many tax dodges that he has been called “the de-facto tax enforcement officer of the United States”, we discuss whether efforts by Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine to shame Trump into releasing his tax returns will work, and whether GOP efforts to make Trump more presidential will ever succeed since he regularly goes off script and grabs the headlines with inflammatory remarks and fabricated claims.

Then finally, at a rally in Pennsylvania on Friday, Donald Trump used clear racial overtones in front of a mostly white audience, claiming that the only way he will lose in the key swing state of Pennsylvania is if “in certain areas”… “other people don’t come in and vote five times”. Dr. Terry Madonna, the director of the Franklin and Marshal College Poll who is the pollster for the Philadelphia Daily News and many other newspapers and television stations in Pennsylvania, joins us to discuss Trump’s call to his followers in Pennsylvania to “Help me stop ‘crooked Hillary’ from rigging this election!”

Background Briefing

Is Putin Planning Regime Change in Ukraine?

Trump's Taxes and the GOP's Failure to Tame Him

Trump's Claims of Voter Fraud in Pennsylvania


Is the GOP Reaping What It Has Sown?
We begin with an assessment of how much the Republican establishment now alarmed at the prospect of Donald Trump being the GOP’s standard bearer, is reaping what they have sown in terms of immigrant bashing, scapegoating minorities and relentless and racists attacks on Barack Obama, all of which Trump has seized on turning coded dog whistle politics into openly expressed bigotry, racism and xenophobia. Timothy McCarthy, a Lecturer on History, Literature and Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School joins us to discuss whether Trump is the Republican’s attack dog that has been fed and nurtured by the Party but has now grown strong enough to destroy its master.

The “Bombshell” in Trump’s Tax Returns
Then we look into charges made by Mitt Romney of all people that Donald Trump’s unreleased tax returns contain a “bombshell” that is likely to reveal Trump has less wealth than he claims. David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who because of his investigations has been called “the de facto tax enforcement officer of the United States”, joins us to discuss why Trump probably pays little to no tax and whether he takes fees for laundering the money of his silent partners, one of whom is rumored to be Vladimir Putin.

Iran’s Rigged Elections
Then finally we get two opinions on tomorrow’s parliamentary elections in Iran that have been heavily rigged by the hardliners running Iran who have purged candidates who might be reform-minded. A former State Department Policy Advisor Suzanne Maloney, a Senior Fellow in the Center for Middle East Policy at the Brooking Institution joins us. Then we will hear from Iranian/American historian Dr. Maziar Behrooz, about whether disillusioned young Iranians will boycott the election that serves the interests of the hardliners by having the outward appearance of democracy while guaranteeing the results they want.

Background Briefing

Is the GOP Reaping What It Has Sown?

The "Bombshell" in Trump's Tax Returns

Iran's Rigged Elections


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